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 In plan: JTP Rule Test Championship

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PostSubject: In plan: JTP Rule Test Championship   Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:16 pm

Hello guys.

Just wana inform my first tour after loooong time of resting.

Soon we might finish the JTP YGOPRO
Which I think the best would be to call YGOPRO: POWER OF CHAOS

The first tour I will host with it.

The tournament will be a basic 4 group championship!

But players wont be sorted to groups by random this time.

Each group will test a certain rule,with exception of Group D,which will I describe below
(FC= Forbiden Card List)

GROUP A = FC8 Offensive style
GROUP B = FC8 Defensive style
GROUP C = FC8 Balanced style

best 2 from each group proceeds to 8 player KO,where they face the other styles head-on

So when joining,u must also note which style or list u wana test
U can select immediately,or say Random Group(ABCD),or Random F8 Group(ABC),then ull be put randomly to a
group with least players,if u cant decide what to play

FC7 will remain as JTP rule for both YGOPRO and POC-JTP
Thus FC7 and FC8 can clash togheter,cos each list has its advantages and disadvantages

Thus Group D will determine the best 2 FC7 users that will challenge the new list users

Personaly,I think this tour would be a blast,if at least 16 ppl joins
But honestly,I would be happier to see old faces from Yugiohlegend ,to join for a rumble Smile


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In plan: JTP Rule Test Championship
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