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 Rulelist for Mini Leagues

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PostSubject: Rulelist for Mini Leagues   Mon Mar 28, 2011 1:42 pm

Mini League is an interesting feature
In it,instead of 2 players, there are 4 players competing for the win

Rulez are simple: 4 players, 1 duel vs all 3 opponent

The Winner of the League gets 1 point (for the scoreboard)
Also the winner selects either he skips,or participiate in next Mini League
If he contiunes,the 3 defeated players skips the next Mini League (cannot join)
If he wins again,he gains +1 score than last time,until either skips or gets defeated

Draw situations:
-In case the best 2 have same score,the result beetween the two player determines the winner
-In case 3 players are tied on first place,then the tour wont have winner,but will have a loser
The loser loses 1 point,and cannot join next Mini League

No matter if the winner is decided,all duels must be played  Exclamation  

This League is so small,that it fits in a 15 min video
Can't belive it? then watch!

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Rulelist for Mini Leagues
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