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 GX Deck List

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PostSubject: GX Deck List   Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:04 am

-You are forbidden to edit structure decks
-U cannot add card to structure decks
-U can add to deck cards from side deck only
-U can remove cards from deck to side deck only
-If Side Deck full,u cannot remove anymore cards from deck

-During Deck Testing we stick to the rule,that players cannot be same character (No Jaden vs Jaden)
-The Decks Contain Banned cards (usually structure decks contain them anyway)
so the host must set Ban List to N/A
-Set timer to 1800 to have time studying cards and developing combo strategies

Some Characters will have more than 1 decks
Meaning,in tour,they can swap decks anytime

48 Available Characters
86 Available Decks

Abidos,the Third


Adrian Gecko Deck 1 - Fog
Adrian Gecko Deck 2 - Exodia

Alexis Rhodes 1 - Cyber Dance
Alexis Rhodes 2 - White Night
Alexis Rhodes 3 - Cyber Angel

Aster Phoenix1 - Phoenix Enforcer
Aster Phoenix2 - Clock of Destiny
Aster Phoenix3 - Destiny Draws Near

Atticus Rhodes 1 - Red Eyes
Atticus Rhodes 2 - Idol

Axel Brodie

Bastion Misawa 1 - Light
Bastion Misawa 2 - Dark Ritual
Bastion Misawa 3 - Wind
Bastion Misawa 4 - Water
Bastion Misawa 5 - Fire
Bastion Misawa 6 - EarthZombie

Blair Flannigan1 - Serene Silence
Blair Flannigan2 - Maiden Kiss

Brron, Mad King of Dark World


Chancellor Sheppard

Chazz Princeton1 - VWXYZ
Chazz Princeton2 - Armed Dragon
Chazz Princeton3 - 500
Chazz Princeton4 - Phantom Beast
Chazz Princeton5 - Chthonian Strike
Chazz Princeton6 - Manga Dragon

Chumley Huffington

Dark Magician Girl

Dimitri 1 - Ancient Gear Army
Dimitri 2 - Resurrecting Magicians
Dimitri 3 - Sealed Devastator

Don Zaloog

Fonda Fontaine


Fujiwara Yusuke

Gravekeeper's Chief

Jaden Yuki 1 - E_Hero S1
Jaden Yuki 2 - E_Hero VG
Jaden Yuki 3 - Neo Spacians
Jaden Yuki 4 - Supreme King
Jaden Yuki 5 - E_Hero Manga
Jaden Yuki 6 - V-Jump Magazine
Jaden Yuki 7 - S1S2
Jaden Yuki 8 - Wild Hero
Jaden Yuki9 - S4
Jaden Yuki10 - Masked Hero


Jean-Louis Bonaparte

Jesse Anderson 1 - Crystal beast
Jesse Anderson 2 - Dark Crystal

Jim Crocodile Cook




Lyman Banner(Amnael)

Makoto Inotsume

Maximillion Pegasus


Pierre the Gambler1 - Risk it All
Pierre the Gambler2 - Lucky Coin
Pierre the Gambler3 - Gracefull Dice

Professor Viper



Slade Princeton


Syrus Truesdale


Titan1 - Pandemonium Arrives
Titan2 - New Archfiends

Trueman1 - Dark beginings
Trueman2 - Volcanic Burn
Trueman3 - Daaarkneess

Tyranno Hassleberry

Vellian Crowler

Yubel1 - Exodia
Yubel2 - Sacred Beasts
Yubel3 - Dark Crystal
Yubel4 - The Ultimate Nightmare

Zane Truesdale 1 - Cyber Dragon
Zane Truesdale 2 - CyberDark Impact

Zure, Knight of Dark World
GX Structure Decks.zip
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Posts : 123
Join date : 2011-03-28
Age : 30

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PostSubject: Re: GX Deck List   Fri Nov 02, 2012 10:13 pm


Note: This isnt the final
Some chars will receive more cards,and decks in future
But this will do for the time beign


Abidos THe Third

Character Updates:

//Jaden Yuki"

-2 New Decks:

Jaden Yuki9 - S4
Jaden Yuki10 - Masked Hero

-Deck Updates:

Jaden Yuki2:
4 card added to Side-Deck: Battle Fusion,Double Spell,Kishido Spirit,Special Hurricane

Jaden Yuki3:
3 card added to Side-Deck: Battle Fusion,Double Spell,Staunch Defender

Jaden Yuki5:
5 card added to Side-Deck: Battle Fusion,Double Spell,Kishido Spirit,Special Hurricane,Staunch Defender

Jaden Yuki7:

Removed from Side-Deck: 1xFifth hope
Added to Side-Deck: 1x Battle Fusion,1x Double Spell

Jaden Yuki5:
4 card added to Side-Deck: Battle Fusion,Double Spell,Staunch Defender,Fairy of the Spring

//Blair Flannigan"

-New Deck: Blair Flannigan2 - Maiden Kiss
-Her first deck is renamed to: Blair Flannigan1 - Serene Silence

-Deck Updates:

Blair Flannigan1 - Serene Silence
3 card added to Side-Deck: Goddess of Whim,The Unhappy Girl,The Unhappy Maiden

//Pierre the Gambler"

-2 New Decks:
Pierre the Gambler2 - Lucky Coin
Pierre the Gambler3 - Gracefull Dice
-His first deck is renamed to: Pierre the Gambler1 - Risk it All.ydk

-Deck Updates:

Pierre the Gambler1 - Risk it All

monster w 3 copy reduced to 2
2xOrdeal of traveler
1xFairy Box
1xDangrous Machine Type 6

Added (1x of all):
Jirai Gumo
Roulette barrel
Maximum Six
Dice Re-Roll
Ominous Fortunetelling


Titan1 - Pandemonium Arrives

2 cards added to side-deck: Checkmate and Battle Scarred


These cards where added to side-deck:
Arcana Force XV - The Fiend
Arcana Force VIII - The Strength
Arcana Force XII - The Hanged Man
The Heaven's Road
Sowing of the Fool
Magician's Scale
The Material Lord
The Spiritual Lord

//Alexis Rhodes

-New Deck: Alexis Rhodes3 - Cyber Angel

-Deck Updates:

Alexis Rhodes1 - Cyber Dance
This card is added to side-deck:
Hallowed Life Barrier

Alexis Rhodes2 - White Night
1x Snowman Creator added to both deck and side-deck

//Atticus Rhodes

Atticus Rhodes2 - Idol
2x Phanter Warrior added to side-deck

//Bastion Misawa

-Deck Updates:

Bastion Misawa1 - Light

2x Plasma Warrior Eitom added to deck
3x Thunder King Rai-oh removed from deck

Bastion Misawa2 - DarkRitual
NOTE: This deck is Remade to the original Tag Force 3 version
Cards added to Deck:
3xLuster Dragon
3xDark Simorgh
3xSwordsman of Doom Lithmus
2xRitual of Lithmus
2xAnti-Spell Fragnance

Added to Side-Deck
1xRitual of Lithmus
1xRitual Foregone
1xFulfilment of the Contract

Removed from deck:
3x Archfiend Soldier
Dark Horus
Dark Nepthys
The Dark Creator
The Masked Beast
Demise,King of Armagedon
Dark Master Zorc
2x Advanced Ritual
2x Contract with the Abyss

Bastion Misawa4 - Water
2x Lekunga added to side-deck

//Chumley Huffington
1x Destruction Punch to deck
2x Destruction Punch and 1x Continuous Destruction Punch to side-deck

1x Mirror Wall to deck

//Lyman Banner
3x Chaos Greed added to side-deck

Divine Knight Ishzark ,Fairy's Hand Mirror and Fiend's Hand Mirror added to side-deck

//Vellian Crowler
2x Gear Golem the Moving Fortress to Deck

//Zane Truesdale2 - Cyberdark Impact
Rebirth Judgement and Power Wall added to deck

Removed Abyss Soldier,Raging Eria and Terraforming from Side-Deck
Added Cannonball Spear Shellfish ,Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness and Torpedo Fish to side-deck

//Axel Brodie
1x Backfire to deck
1x Backfire and 1x Infernal Flame Emperor to Side-Deck

1x Rocket Warrior to Deck
1x Rocket Warrior to Side-Deck

Dark Jeroid and Viser Des to Deck

1x God of Darkness - Dark God to deck
1x God of Darkness - Dark God,2x infite fiend summoning mirror,1x Mirror Wall and 1x Meteor Rain to side-deck

//Jim "Crocodile" Cook
Fossil Fusion Related Cards added
2x Fossil Fusion adn 1X Time Stream to deck
1x Fossil Fusion adn 2X Time Stream to side-deck

//Don Zaloog
Timidty added to deck and side-deck

//Aster Phoenix

Repleaced 1x Righteous Justice wtih 1x D - Mind in side-deck

Added Destiny Hero Celestial,Over Destiny and D - Mind to deck

Patrician of Darkness ,Vampire Genesis and Overpowering eye added to side-deck

//Dark Magician Girl
1x Dedication through Light and Darkness added to deck


Added Magical arm shield to side-deck

Added Last Will to side-deck

Non-Spellcasting Area to side-deck

Legendary Fiend added to side-deck

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GX Deck List
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