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 YGOPRO-POWER OF CHAOS official Forbidden card List

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PostSubject: YGOPRO-POWER OF CHAOS official Forbidden card List    Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:28 pm

U must build ur deck according to this list!
Breaking the rulez may cause u several punishments!

Little note about how the forbidden card lists work:
1.C~ or C% before list name  means its a connector list,and it connects 2 or more list together
Arrow U are not allowed to use these lists to build decks!!!!

2.~ before list means its official list,and can be used for latest ranked-ladder competition
They can be only used to build decks,not for duels,expt under other circumstances .
C~ connects all official list together,so when going to duel select C~ForbiddenList8 FC8

3.% means its unofficial list,and can be used for fun or certain tournament duels only!

Forbidden Card List 8

The list is simple!
Select either Balanced,Offensive,Defensive or Forbidden Card List 7
This is the first list ,that allows the usage of previous list!
In YGOPRO the list are programed,so all u have to do is select them in YGOPRO
HOWEVER ,if u select FC7 u must check here,which cards are in alternative group
Cos u cant use all cards toghter,since alternative system isnt programed into YGOPRO Sad
FC7 is recommended for older Yugiohlegend players!

Anyways here are the visual versions of the 3 option,and FC 7




Forbidden Card List 7 (FC7)

Here are the differences between FC7 and FC8(balanced,offense,Defense)Lists

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YGOPRO-POWER OF CHAOS official Forbidden card List
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